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Sep. 6th, 2010 12:20 am
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Player Name: Ana
Personal LJ: [ profile] betterthanlegos
AIM: Ilikeyourshoes0
Other characters currently in-game: Laura Kinney, Alison Blaire, Sam Guthrie, and Lorna Dane
Who referred you to the game?: lots of people

Character Name: Aurora AKA Jeanne-Marie Beaubier
Canon source: Alpha Flight V1, issue #14


Aurora has a split personality disorder, which gives her two very defined personalities that are complete opposites of one another. The disorder actually stemmed as a defense mechanism from her childhood, due to the harsh way she was treated. The constant abuse she lived through made it so the Aurora personality was created, and it's stuck with Jeanne-Marie ever since. Both personalities strongly dislike and disapprove of one another's choices, which makes it all the more convulting for her to deal with on both ends. The constance of her disorder can cause her to be very vulnerable and stressed, even going as far to hide from the world when it gets too bad.

Aurora is the more dominant personality. She's fun, wild, adventurous, and excitable. She flaunts her sexuality around all she pleases, and is very eager to be loved. She cares about her brother very much so, but he is able to offend her so much that she will go without speaking to him for long periods of time. Aurora has a lot of pride, even if she doesn't show it all that often. If it's brusied, her temper does come out. Though she will love someone with an unfortunate appearance, if they turn into a robot, this girl is done. As long as a man can touch her, she's fine with them, as her standards are incredibly low at times. Aurora can be a little selfish when it comes to her boyfriends, and often puts her own needs ahead of the emotional needs of her lovers. Aurora can be very sympathetic and protective, even crying with her brother when they lost a man they both loved. She's very confident with her body, and often walks around naked when she's with her lover.

Jeanne-Marie, is the exact opposite. She's very stiff, controlled and conservative, not at all approving of acts Aurora would do. She's proper, cold and very religious. She gets upset if she's found in a vulnerable, clothingless state from Aurora, she becomes very horrified and ashamed. She loves Jean-Paul, but she doesn't approve of his sexuality all that much. At the point I've taken her from, he hasn't publicly outed himself for it, but when he does, the Jeanne-Marie personality was not happy with it. Jeanne-Marie is a very repressed individual, timid and even scared. Jeanne-Marie is actually very similar to the nuns who raised her.

History: Up to issue #14.

-Increased durability in her body, allowing her to be resistant to high cold and hot temperatures.
-Superhuman speed (up to at least mach 10), and flight. Due to her speed, she can run across water, create cyclones, and she even has enhanced reflexes. Northstar is faster than her, but Aurora can make herself go farther in the same amount of time, and actually has greater endurance than he does.
-Sometimes she can hold hands with JP and magical things will happen I am serious.
-Teaching skills (history and geography)
-Trained in her abilities, and in combat.
-Her complete devotion to her brother when he's not offending her. (She'd do anything to save his life, even sacrificing what little sanity she has.)

-Her shattered psyche. In times of emotional distress, Aurora will flip back and fourth between her two personalities, or even just randomly. When she'll switch can be very unpredictable.
-Her powers. Though they are a strength, they have been her weakness in the past, mostly thanks to her brother. It is also possible for her to be as fast as the speed of light, but not without serious side effects on her own body. Though she's fast, Aurora still needs to be able to breathe.
-Her brother. Jean-Paul is able to get under her skin like no one else.
-Her heart. Aurora easily, easily falls in love, and because of that, she can sometimes make very selfish choices.

Preferred drop-in point: Seattle

What are some of your plans for this character in their new environment? I want to play out her personalities, as I think it'd be fun. She's also a very rare character to see around, and I want to try her out in this environment.

First Person Journal Sample:

[The video shows a young woman that looks a little like Jean-Paul. She's in only an orange towel, and sounds a lot more confident than she looks. When she speaks, it's with an accent.]

Is it too much to ask to be sent home? I was living a very comfortable life with my dear Walter, and I do not have time for this. I listened to the message, and I am not impressed. Non, I want to go back to Montreal!

[She looks off to the side for a moment, then back at the camera.]

If I'm to be stuck here, I would like some help, and possibly some clothing. [A pause. Girl's still got pride.] But not from that brother of mine, if he is in this world. Our partnership is still terminated!

Third Person Sample:

Never before had Aurora hated mirrors. She loved to glance into them, seeing her beautiful face, and flowing long hair. To watch her body shine back at her, and smile in return was always a joy; it made her happy. The mirror would showcase happiness, sexiness and simplicity. Then, Jeanne-Marie's lurching hands came rushing out of the glass, wanting to grab onto that beauty as she screamed to be let out. That's all Jeanne-Marie wanted to do. She wanted to be boring, stiff, and hide all the wonder that Aurora was. She wanted to be cut off from Walter and Alpha Flight, to live the life of one of those awful nuns. Aurora wouldn't have that! She loved her life, and she'd fight for it with every last once of strength she had. She wouldn't give up.

Yet, here she was, terrified to ever look into another mirror again.

Aurora sat on her bed, curled into herself as she fought the shaking fear of her body. Seeing Jeanne-Marie in the mirror after what felt like so long had really forced her to see that she wasn't better. A very small part of her wanted to reach for the phone and demand for her brother to come and help. Despite their fight, Aurora knew that he would; Jean-Paul would drop everything if it meant helping her, no matter what she said to him. However, Aurora would never do that. She didn't need her brother. He had been a fool to insult her like that, and she no longer wanted anything to do with him. Maybe Jeanne-Marie would go to him and beg for help, but not Aurora. She was stronger than that, and she could fight this. She could fight that personality with all her might, no matter how badly it was clawing at her, trying to be free.

Aurora would win this. That dreadful Jeanne-Marie would never escape again, no matter what it took.


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